Project Room

The 10·Corso·Como Project Room opened in February 2024 as an innovative space within the Rethinking 10·Corso·Como project. Tiziana Fausti, who acquired the iconic brand and concept store in September 2020, is providing her own stamp on the brand’s 30 years of links to image culture and sophisticated fashion. The Project Room has been designed by the interdisciplinary agency 2050+ as a flexible theatre which, thanks to its large pantograph tables and grandstands, can be adapted to different visual and conceptual configurations, becoming a place of conjunction for art, fashion and design. An innovative, transversal space, it can be transformed in order to match the projects for which it provides the venue, where contemporary issues such as sustainability, activism, and human relationships are addressed through archival research, and technological and digital innovation. Collections and projects are thus compared and contrasted in an archipelago of ideas and inspirations that takes in everything from exhibitions and editorial visions, to a curated selection of signature design pieces and furniture.



Monday — Sunday

10:30 — 7:30

Authorial Design

The Alchemical Plane

As vibrant space and crossroads,the Project Room hosts The Alchemical Plane, showcasing signature design pieces on sale, selected by Domitilla Dardi.

The selection of artifacts offered up here is based on two principles: that of mutable forms, whereby the animal kingdom merges with its vegetable and mineral counterparts; and that of the four colors of the alchemical process.

The phases of the transformation of matter – Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo – follow a chromatic sequence that runs from black to white (time-honored elements in the visual identity of 10 Corso Como), through to yellow and red: a progression in which the root of memory blossoms into a new pathway.
Glass, porcelain, ceramics, textiles, and paper are living materials, shaped by the skilled hands and the vision of artisans and designers who bring age-old techniques into the present day.

The types selected encompass everything from objets d’art to tableware, and from furnishings to small pieces of furniture, all betraying painstaking attention both to the smallest detail and to the stories with which this kind of open-series, authorial design is infused.

Each piece is a window onto a world; each product affords an opportunity to engage with the identity of things that have a personality all of their own, which is also that of those who choose them and those who recognize themselves in those pieces.

Available in store only.

Editorial Selection

Magazines and books

A hybrid and mobile cabinet of curiosity, the 10·Corso·Como Project Room hosts an editorial selection of rare volumes and international cult magazines. A meeting place for the creative and academic community, it is also a space where contemporary issues can be addressed, thanks to a selection of writings offering reflections on sustainability and human relations, and looking at the intersection of art, fashion and culture.

Available in store only.

Past Exhibition

Pietro Consagra. Ornamenti

21.2 - 05.4.2024

From February 21st to April 5th, 2024 the Project Room hosts for the first time the series of Pietro Consagra’s face and body jewelry in the exhibition Pietro Consagra. Ornamenti curated by Alessio de’ Navasques.

In an exhibition design that makes its way through thematic islands, we come to the 1968 sculpture Spessori in prospettiva (“Thicknesses in Perspective”), a type of Inventari (“Inventories”) in which Consagra physically projected frontal images in an extension that resulted in a visual shift.

These works foreshadowed the buildings of La Città Frontale (“The Frontal City”), conceived by Consagra in that same year as a utopian meditation on urbanism, virility, and power.

The Spessori also reappeared in the Ornamento per sopracciglio, in the form of movable rods that terminated in a star, a circle, a square, a triangle, and a hexagon, veiling the eyes but not compromising the ability to see – in fact, actually providing a symbolic indication of a change in the woman’s perspective.

The two versions of the Cache-sexe mark the end of the exhibition route: one put together by Montebello and the other (probably a prototype) encapsulating more explicitly how even a body ornament can conceal an idea of female liberation, through an object that gives pleasure with no requirement for male input.

The jewels are accompanied by precious documents collected by the Archivio Pietro Consagra in Milan, with writings, publications of the time and Ugo Mulas’ rare vintage photos.

Exhibition details
Pietro Consagra. Ornamenti
Curated by Alessio de’ Navasques
February 21 – April 5, 2024
10·Corso·Como, Project Room
Opening hours: daily, 10:30am – 7:30pm
Free admission