The 10·Corso·Como Gallery opened in February 2024 as an innovative space within the Rethinking 10·Corso·Como project. Tiziana Fausti, who acquired the iconic brand and concept store in September 2020, is providing her own stamp on the brand’s 30 years of links to image culture and sophisticated fashion.
The Gallery, which in its new design restores the ring structure with its double entrance, has been conceived by the interdisciplinary agency 2050+ as a light space animated by sliding walls, a place able to change appearance and configuration in response to different curatorial inputs.
An intense programme of exhibitions enlivens the 10·Corso·Como Gallery; it opens to the community through cultural exchanges and conversations, looking at the intersections of creative languages, with a special focus on photography, the history of fashion and the applied arts. From February 21st to April 5th, 2024 the Gallery hosts Happy Birthday Louise Parker, a solo exhibition by American artist Roe Ethridge, curated by Alessandro Rabottini and conceived especially for 10 Corso Como.



Monday — Sunday

10:30 — 7:30

Ongoing Exhibition

Yohji Yamamoto. Letter to the Future

16.5 - 30.7.2024

For the first time in Italy, a special exhibition project of the emblematic designer.

In the new chapter of 10 Corso Como, according to Tiziana Fausti’s vision, the Gallery exhibition space continues its programming dedicated to fashion culture with a special project of the designer who provoked and inspired a distinctive aesthetics and imagery: Yohji Yamamoto.

Organized by 10 Corso Como and Yohji Yamamoto, the project curated by Alessio de′ Navasques gathers a dialogue between iconic pieces from the runway, recent and future collections, in an ascending and immersive climax.

From May 16 to July 30, 2024, in the spaces of the Gallery, garments will be the protagonists in a flow where every shape, cut and geometry transmits an idea of the future and beyond time.

Exhibition details

Yohji Yamamoto. Letter to the Future
Curated by Alessio de’ Navasques
10 Corso Como Gallery
Daily: 10.30am - 7.30pm
Free Admission


Past Exhibition

Roe Ethridge Happy Birthday Louise Parker

21.2 - 05.4.2024

Happy Birthday Louise Parker is the first solo exhibition in Italy by the American photographer Roe Ethridge (Miami, 1969) curated by Alessandro Rabottini. Of the language of photography, Ethridge explores historical implications and contemporary paradoxes, seamlessly navigating the realms of visual art and fashion photography through a distinctive and unconventional style.

Conceived especially for 10·Corso·Como, Happy Birthday Louise Parker brings together a selection of iconic photographs from the past 15 years alongside previously unreleased works, fusing themes and subjects that, at a first glance, may appear unrelated to each other: elaborate still lives, accurately staged fashion shots, melancholic landscapes, and intimate portraits. Images are skilfully juxtaposed to forge visual connections, unravel contrasts, and weave narratives, and despite the diversity of their atmospheres, what connects them all is a formal rigour that is as haunting as it is arresting, if not confrontational at times.

The exhibition draws its title from the alluring presence of Louise Parker, a model with whom Roe Ethridge collaborated with on the occasion of several fashion editorials starting from 2010. Throughout the years, the two became friends and Ethridge had the opportunity to portray Parker both inside and outside the framework of the fashion industry. We see the recurring, hypnotic image of Louise transitioning from highly stylised fashion spreads to more spontaneous, intimate portraits and back, manifesting the intertwining of life and representation, the everyday and the staged. In this collection of portraits, the gaze of the artist meets the self-aware gaze of the model, in a way that thematise and transcends the dynamic interplay between the photographer, the camera, and the subject, between the intentionality of the artistic vision and the intentionality of the pose.

Within this narrative in which Louise is present at different stages of her life - as an individual and as a model, as a woman and as a mother - Roe Ethridge inserts fragments of his own biography: a portrait of the artist together with his son at the age of 5 (Me and Auggie), his own sinked car salvaged from a muddy river in Belle Glade, the city in Florida where his mother grew up and where his parents met in High School (Durango in the Canal) , more recent portraits of his children taken during moments of leisure (Lee Lou at Sunset Park Ferry Terminal, Auggie with Racoon Tail), and a digitally manipulated portrait of the artist at his 52nd birthday party (Birthday Multiply), the result of the superimposition of two different images, one taken from his daughter.

Within this non-linear storytelling, the relation between personal memories and the realm of fashion is revealed through the nuanced connections established between the images when installed in the space: fashion, in fact, is an ever-evolving discipline where trends emerge, flourish, and fade, each season serving as a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of life.

Exhibition details
Roe Ethridge –
Happy Birthday Louise Parker
Curated by Alessandro Rabottini
February 21 – April 5, 202410·Corso·Como, Gallery
Opening hours: daily, 10:30am – 7:30pm
Free admission