Three Contemporary Emerging Brands featuring at 10 Corso Como Pop-Up 

Under the theme of Unravelling Boundaries – 无远弗, a Chinese concept meaning that if you have goodwill, you can overpass all the boundaries and reach wherever you want, the essence of three Chinese emerging brands has been curated by Ni Zhe Yun, Filosophy Shanghai, with the Art Direction by Umberto Gabriele, for the Pop-Up at 10 Corso Como from March 4th to 13th.

JUN-LI ­– A world citizen, Jun Li was educated as a fashion designer both in Shanghai and at the London College of Fashion. Reported as “Creativity from China” in 2026 and selected at the Vogue Talents Edition, he debuted a runaway of his men’s collection at the Camera Moda of Milan in 2017. Often inspired by films and artworks, fabrics and craftsmanship are the foundation of JUNLI’s garments, consistently focused on rigorous tailoring and exquisite details, calmly defining his idea of dressing beyond time and labels. 

YOUWEI – founded in 2006 by renowned fashion buyer Momo.Z the YOUWEI brand, by rejecting conventional norms, embraces the "why not" mentality, seeking a balance between sensibility and rationality. With over fifteen years of experience in buying and international brand procurement, coupled with a profound background in art, Momo.Z has fused her creative attitude with a keen market perception. Seeking equilibrium in the Chinese women's fashion market, she expresses a unique perspective, transforming through her long experience, fashion abstract elements into a fresh style. 

SELAH - From an ancient Hebraic psalm, SELAH signifies "Stop and listen" to let "love" endure through the best times. Established in the Chinese market in 2018, the brand SELAH has not only secured a flagship store in a top-tier Guangzhou mall. Still, it has also expanded its presence in various boutiques and multi-brand concept shops globally. Selah now represents a distinct Chinese designer brand, and reflects a multicultural approach beyond any physical and cultural boundaries.

Conceiving and launching a collection is a challenging feat for independent designer brands. Beyond the founder's aesthetic prowess, it demands comprehensive abilities, including cost management, finding optimal suppliers, and strategic distribution planning.

In this perspective, 10 Corso Como fosters and promotes creative research by crossing aesthetic or cultural boundaries.

A curated selection from the SS24 collection by the three selected designers Jun Li, YouWei, and Selah, will be showcased and available on sale at the 10 Corso Como Pop-Up from Monday, March 4th, to Wednesday, March 13th (10:30 AM - 7:30 PM, including Saturdays and Sundays).

Cocktail Event on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, h. 5.30 PM/6.30 PM
10 Corso Como Pop-Up 
up to Wednesday, 13th 2024
Open Daily, 10.30 AM/2.00PM and 3.00PM/7.30PM

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