CHI E' CHI Fashion & Taste Award

10 Corso Como is proud to host the 2023 edition of 
CHI E' CHI Fashion & Taste Award
with Cristiana Schieppati, CHI E' CHI editor in chief
and Maddalena Fossati Dondero, La Cucina Italiana editor in chief. 

The event, under the patronage of the City of Milan, was born in 2015 on the occasion of Expo, and rewards the union between the world of fashion and food, an unbreakable bond with Milan. It was born from CHI E' CHI AWARDS -that have been celebrated for 23 years in September during Milan Fashion Week.
The ambassadors of "good taste" can combine fashion, food, storytelling, and professionalism, matching the more technical aspects related to food with those of communication and elegance related to the world of fashion.


The 2023 CHI E’ CHI Fashion & Taste award will be presented to:


Tiziana Fausti –Entrepreneur, 10 Corso Como Chair
Chiara Maci - Blogger, Cook and TV host
Giancarlo Perbellini – Chef
Salvatore and Vittoria Ferragamo - Il Borro
Fabio Fazio and Davide Petrini - Lavoratti


La Cucina Italiana, Italian monthly magazine dedicated to gastronomy, is a point of reference for cooking enthusiasts and an active promoter of of Italian cuisine as a Unesco intangible heritage site, will dedicate a special issue dedicated to the excellence of our country's food.


10 Corso Como, the Milanese destination located in the Porta Nuova district of Milan has chosen to be a partner of this edition of CHI E' CHI Fashion & Taste by providing its unique combination of fashion, design, art and gastronomy.


Renault is Automotive partner of the event. The historic mobility brand and pioneer of electric vehicles in Europe, Renault has always developed innovative vehicles. Its ambition is to embody modernity and innovation in technology, energy, and mobility services in the automotive industry and beyond.


Dermophisiologique, is Beauty partner, with its ethical and social commitment promoting the #IOCISTO charity initiative. Thus supporting of women who have suffered violence and, with the new IO Olio Rigenerante, the SVS Donna Aiuta Donna Onlus anti-violence center of Alessandra Kustermann.

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