Risotto alla milanese and veal ossobuco with gremolada

A complete dish that combines bold tastes with delicate touches, skill with knowledge of the land, raw ingredients, and flavors, all of which stem directly from the Milanese culinary heritage.

Our premium ingredients

Carnaroli rice -

Lombardy rice with large, firm grain to keep cooking at 18-20 minutes.

Iranian Saffron -

Iranian saffron, top quality in whole pistils, from South Khorasan, ancient Persia.

How we make it

The raw material

To ensure the quality of the raw materials and cut down on the amount of kilometers traveled, we start with a veal that was raised locally in the Lombard region. The top portion of the shin, which is the most desired section of the leg since it is the broadest, is left to hang for more than 10 days.

The know-how

Extra virgin olive oil and a touch of clarified butter are used to brown the ossobuco, which has been tied and scented with garlic, rosemary, and sage before being cooked over high heat without any flour. After being caramelized to perfection, a decisive sauté of celery, carrot, and white onion is spread over the top. An unrefined Amalfi Coast lemon peel has a pleasant, somewhat bitter aroma when used as a finishing touch. The ossobuco is then cooked in the oven in its own stock and Italian tomato paste for over six hours.

Risotto all’onda

Carnaroli rice and entire saffron pistils from Iran are used to make traditional Milanese risotto. Slices of white onion are cooked till golden brown in a tablespoon of unrefined olive oil. Once the rice is added, it is toasted until the grains turn glossy. After preparing the hot vegetable stock separately, it is combined with an excellent dry white wine and then gradually added. Finally, it is creamed, strictly all’onda, with centrifuged butter and fresh Parmesan.

The grand finale

The 10 Corso Como risotto is then served over the well-trimmed in ossobuco and topped with flavor-balancing ingredients like freshly chopped parsley and grated lemon zest.