Prawns, mango and green shiso

A boundless cuisine at 10 Corso Como. Sicilian prawns, cannoli made from mango, and green shiso leaves.

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Mazzancolle red prawns fished in the Mediterranean from Sicilian fishing boats.


An aromatic herb with green leaves well known in Japanese cuisine.

How we make it

The cannoli shell is a light film made with mango from the Philippines and Indian spices, cooked by drying, and filled with the prawns salad.

On top of the cannoli are crusty bread, a red onion gel, and the shiso leaves.

To accompany it, a fresh mango sauce, flavored with the same spices as the cannoli shell including Tandoori powder, to give it character.

This is a recipe revisited and updated in its essential shape by 10 Corso Como, which has always offered flavors without borders.