The Alchemical Plane curated by Domitilla Dardi

At 10 Corso Como, in the Project Room, The Alchemical Plan appears, with a choice of designer pieces for sale, selected by Domitilla Dardi following the principle of changing forms, where animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms merge ; and that of the four colors of the alchemical process. 

In a chromatic sequence that goes from black to white (identifying elements of 10 Corso Como), up to yellow and red, the signature objects - tableware, accessories, small furnishings - are tools at the same functional time and custodians of ancient symbolism. 

Editorial design pieces signed by: 

Alexander Kirkeby, Bhulls, Ceramica Gatti, Chris Fusaro, David Valner Studio, Ego Undesign,, Gioel Milano – design Tobia Scarpa e Mario Trimarchi, Giovanni Botticelli, House of Ita, Incalmi – design Debonademeo, Zanellato e Bortolotto, Kiki and Joost, Lanificio Leo – design V. Mancini e P. Iaconantonio, Emilio Leo, Made in Edit – design Patricia Urquiola con Istituto Caselli Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, Medaarch, Michael Anastassiades, Natalia Criado, Navet, Pietrachiara, Simone Crestani, Solenne Belloir, Stamuli, Margherita Rui.


Photo credit: Alessandro Saletta - DSL Studio

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