Mizuno's Future Gardens collection lands in 10 Corso Como

Conceived by Mizuno, the new Future Gardens Pack collection celebrates the relationship and synergy between nature and people.

Mizuno looks at technology not as an obstacle, but as a path to a future in which people and nature will live in an increasingly symbiotic relationship.

The use of advanced technology while respecting nature has been a recurring theme in Mizuno's quest, a 100-year-old Japanese company founded in Japan in 1906.
Neutral colors and clean design are a reference to well-being and the search for inner peace. The embroidery of the Ayame iris, a flower that blooms in the vicinity of the city of May in Japan, summarizes the connection between the Future Gardens Pack and nature.

On the occasion of the launch of the Kizuna Pack Future Gardens Mizuno will present in exclusive in 10 Corso Como the Wave Rider 10.

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