10 Corso Como - Milan Central Station Pop Up

The new 10 Corso Como pop-up opens its door at the Milan Central Station during the Milan Fashion Week through the end of October. An opportunity to get in touch with the energy of the thousands of visitors and travelers who daily frequent the Milanese Central Station. 


For the first time a pop-up appears in Milan's central station, a site that has always been iconic in the city, in the historic setting of the Galleria dei Mosaici (1931), on the platform level. Historic gate and hub of the city accessed by more than 600 trains, 326,000 people by day and about 120 million passengers a year from all around the world.


Accessories, shopping bags, handbags, trousseau and candles made in collaboration with the best Italian and international workshops, along with Italian pasta and rice, Ligurian olive oil and Tuscan gin, in gift boxes made unmistakable by the black and white graphics, will be, for travelers from all over the world, a new must-have on their way and adventures.
A Milanese keepsake signed 10 Corso Como.


10 Corso Como - Milan Central Station Pop-Up
Open Every day, 8.00 AM – 9 PM
Galleria Dei Mosaici, Train Platform - Milan 

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