10 Corso Como launches new online fragrance garden

10 Corso Como announces the launch of its online fragrance garden with a new dedicated page on #10corsocomo.comThe new page presents curated collection of the best Italian and international artisanal perfumery essences. From classic to the most innovative, selected research fragrances are now available online in Italy and International markets.


Great classics such as “Molecule 01” and “Escentric 01” by Molecule, “Gypsy Water” or “Tobacco Mandarin” by Byredo, “Sacreste” by Laboratorio olfattivo, the sensual ones such as “Tango” and “Russian Tea” for Masque Milano, the surprising notes of “Panettone” and “Piazza Affari” for “Milano Fragranze” along with “Sea Salt Caramel” by Bohoboho perfume, the exotic travels of Memo Paris, the aroma of Arabian coffee by Maison Tahité to the refined bottles of Ormaie, Ex Nihilo, Matière Première, are just some of the proposals in the garden.


Ephemeral essences, volatile particles, the fragrances make the hours go by in a single moment, such as Meo Fusciuni's “Narcotic,” Atelier Materi's “Bois D'Ambrette” to the irreverent “Rouge” by Comme des Garçons, always at home in 10 Corso Como.


New entries include Nasomatto's whimsy with “Black Afgano,” D.S. & Durga's “Bowmakers” straight from the Brooklyn borough where it is made in New York, and finally Arpa Studios with “Arco” and “Phosphorus,” exclusively for 10 Corso Como.



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