Rethinking 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como announces the beginning of a new chapter. An innovative architectural project reshapes the brand’s spaces and a revamped cultural program on contemporary topics enlivens it. The unique Milanese ecosystem at 10 Corso Como, which includes the store, café, cultural space, and 3Rooms suites, has been redesigned by the interdisciplinary agency 2050+.


The project is focused on creating a seamless transition and connection between the spatial dimensions and experiences, and on linking fashion with art, design, photography, food and nature.


Starting Spring 2024, 10 Corso Como will unveil the new environments in stages, and will also broaden its dialogue with the city of Milan through a series of exhibitions and a public program of events. The location will also house an innovative and representative selection of rare books, international magazines and design and technology collections, as well as sound design and music experience.


The new vision by Tiziana Fausti will foster links with the creative and academic community, turning the Milanese ecosystem into a vibrant and evolving place: a secret garden where visitors can always discover something unexpected.

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