The capsule collection created by IZIPIZI in collaboration with 10 CORSO COMO. Affordable, high quality eyewear with a dynamic touch and attention to detail. Thus were born the “Izipizi x 10 Corso Como” collectible accessories, small but functional to watch the World through Happy Lenses. Since 2010 French brand IZIPIZI, has created glasses with an essential and functional design, easy to wear on any occasion. The name IZIPIZI, from the English “easy-peasy,” is an invitation to wear eyewear with a light touch, and an aesthetic that embodies the lifestyle and free spirit in all seasons and genderless. The limited edition created with biobased materials includes two variants: for the sun and to protect the eyes from the blue light of screens. The iconic Izipizi frame with rounded lenses has been customized on the temples with the 10 Corso Como pattern printed in black and white. Put a smile on your face!