Tomato and basil single-grain paccheri

Despite its apparent simplicity, paccheri have always been one of the most beloved dishes that belong to tradition 10 Corso Como. The unique character of this pasta lies in its few but excellent ingredients and its always al dente yet meaty perfection.

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Pacchero -

Originating in the Neapolitan tradition, the pacchero pasta has the shape of giant macaroni, generally made with durum wheat.

How we make it

Grain and water

The single grain pacchero of 10 Corso Como is a unique kind of pasta that is made in Val di Fiemme, which is located in the Dolomites of Trentino, using a very specific variety of wheat and water that has been filtered to an extremely high degree of purity.

Sun and tomatoes

The 10 Corso Como sauce is made with three different kinds of tomatoes: datterino from Sicily, San Marzano from Agrisarnese in Campania, and the original San Marzano from Puglia. Tomatoes that have been in the sun, were picked when they were ripe, and have no seeds. With carrot and white onion as its base, the red sauce cooks for more than two hours to get rid of any acidity and make room for a sweet, velvety texture.

Mozzarella cream

Large slices of buffalo mozzarella are combined with fresh heavy cream over a very low heat until the mixture reaches the consistency of a creamy blend.

A perfect pairing

A knob of centrifuged butter, a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil, and some young Parmesan cheese are the ideal accompaniments to the pasta, tomato, and mozzarella.