Ode to Nature by Scarlet Splendour

Savour the Drama: The Forest Collection


Have you ever been lost in a hybrid forest? When was the last time you sat on a cloud? Are you invited to the wedding of Prince Ciuco and Princess Luna? Can you really dance to the rhythm of Elena Salmistraro's pink dancers?


Scarlet Splendor and 10 Corso Como will present an unusual connection with nature, through luxuriously functional furniture that can transform any home into an exotic forest. Eccentric shapes, sophisticated colors and brass finishes create a sense of play and cheerfulness according to an "elegant irony".


“Forest” by Marcantonio, “Wolk” by Richard Hutten, “Animagic” by Matteo Cibic and “I Danzatori” by Elena Salmnistraro emphasize the refined use of non-obvious design, eclectic styles, intriguing silhouettes and – precise functionality – to create a delightful combination of classic and contemporary that transcends geographical and temporal boundaries, like a true Indian fairy tale.


Design Week Special Openings


10:30 AM - 21:00 PM April 18 - 23, 2023

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