Octopus Catalana

In Summer, the Octopus Catalana is the Mediterranean recipe par excellence

10 Corso Como presents it with a vintage appeal, and the delicacy of a cocktail sauce.

Our premium ingredients


An octopus white, fresh, and only of large size, fished in the Mediterraneo.


An old style sauce: a delicate, whipped homemade mayonnaise, with a balanced bisque sauce of tomato and shellfish.

How we make it

Octopus Catalana is a seemingly simple traditional Mediterranean dish, but with precise rules and techniques. Only large octopus are chosen, three kilograms at least, fished in the Mediterranean and cooked in plenty of salted water. As it grows, the octopus develops a tasty flavor, firm texture and intense off-white color. Its suckers are retained, and the octopus is left to cool slowly in its water.

Separately, the ground vegetables are prepared. Carrots, celery, fennel, radish, and three types of tomatoes with a different degree of acidity: from the slightly acidic green, to the yellow datterino to harmonize, to the sweetness of the ripe large red tomato. Each vegetable is cleaned and pureed in water and ice to preserve its color, and scent.

The little secret of the 10 Corso Como's catalana is the cocktail sauce, an old-style homage.