Caramelle filled with eggplant parmigiana, green tomatoes and rosemary marinated amberjack

A caramella homemade pasta, with a red parmigiana surprising filling, and garnished with an amberjack fillet marinated for over twenty-four hours.

Our premium ingredients


Fresh pasta, homemade daily, with flour and whole organic eggs.


Amberjack fished in the Mediterranean Sea, cut as fillet, slaughtered by law and marinated for more than twenty-four hours.

How we make it

The first step is marinating the amberjack. Amberjack from the southern Mediterranean, mainly from Sicily, cut into fillets, cut down, and marinated. Marinating is a crucial phase: it must be slow and very prolonged to ensure a high quality fish.

The pasta is daily homemade with organic eggs, and excellent quality flour, until an ideal consistency is obtained, worked into a large caramella ravioli. For its surprising filling, a light vegetarian parmigiana is prepared separately, with eggplant, basil, fresh tomato, and little grana cheese so to keep the scents.

At its base is a bisque sauce, a green tomato extract, with a few red tomato seeds, on which the ravioli is laid and the marinated amberjack fillet on top.

This is a very summery dish, to be served at room temperature for an ideal balance of flavor, and color.