10 Corso Como Cacio & Pepe

Land and Sea play together at 10 Corso Como.

Surprisingly, a marine touch to the 10 Corso Como Cacio & Pepe, with red shrimp lightly marinated with some basil oil, enhanced by fresh glasswort and sea moss. 

Our premium ingredients

Salicornia -

Salicornia is a “salted” plant that lives on the seashore or near brackish water in Puglia.

Sea moss -

Sea moss is a red alga with high nutritional properties.

How we make it


In a small boule, gently combine the pecorino cheese with a small amount of water and whisk until velvety creamy. While cooking the rigatoni in plenty of salted water, just toast the pepper grains- first crushed in mortar.

Smooth & Gently

Drain pasta al dente and mix pepper with pecorino cream. Gently finish with freshly ground pepper.