Welcome to the BAM Open Air Design

Welcome to the BAM Open Air Design!
On the occasion of the BAM Open Air Design Event, within the RED CIRCLE TALKS, Gianluca Valsesia (GESSI) talks with Tiziana Fausti (10 CORSO COMO), hosted by Francesca Molteni.

Thursday, June 8, on the lawn of the Milanese BAM, Biblioteca degli alberi, at 7:30 pm in via Gaetano de Castillia 28.  

Since 2020, BAM Open Air Design has been the outdoor design 
conceived by COIMA Image, as part of the cultural program of BAM, in collaboration with the Riccardo Catella Foundation. A four-day event dedicated to outdoor design and architecture among the beautiful lawns and circular forests of the Milanese Library of Trees.


In four days, Design Open Air exhibition (from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.) interact with the surrounding space and the public, creating a design museum spread among the trees of BAM that celebrates the combination of Nature-Culture and the values of regeneration, sustainability and beauty.

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