New flavors for 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como launches significant new gastronomic projects: a line of pasta, rice and chili oil now confirming the union of Fashion & Food from the 20-year collaboration with Galateo & Friends.




Tagliolini are an authentic novelty, created from durum wheat semolina and eggs. An artisanal pasta in which wheat germ is introduced and dried at a low temperature, for quick cooking. In a 250 g format with transparent packaging and the classic 10 Corso Como label.

Paccheri. In the style and quality of 10 Corso Como, paccheri is a large-format artisanal pasta, cooked ten minutes with a characteristic presence of fresh wheat germ, it should not be missed. Processed in the Tuscan countryside of Pisa, paccheri are available in 250 g and 500 g sizes.




A fine Italian Carnaroli rice. Produced in the Vercelli countryside, round and full, a premium slice selected for very beautiful and large grains. Particularly suitable for risottos in the grand cuisine but also for rice salads in the 500 g format.

An extraordinary black rice. In the Artemide variety (gran riserva) produced on ecological farms near Novara, the rice comes in a transparent vacuum pack in a 500 g format.




Ardente. A roaring chili oil marries the Ligurian mastery of extra virgin olive oil from olives grown in Arma di Taggia, Liguria, near Imperia, and the fire of dehydrated whole hot chili peppers.

10 Corso Como Food also presents in traditional colored bottles, an extra virgin olive oil (evo) and balsamic vinegar. Different declinations of a know-how come together, where 10 Corso Como always can find the quality connections between seemingly distant worlds.

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